Bill Gates walked into a bar; on average, the people in the bar are millionaires.


The average human has one breast and one testicle. ~ Des McHale


The interesting thing about averages is that they hide the truth effectively  ~ Avinash Kaushik


"SIMPLY PUT" - really? 

Yes, REALLY!  We speak statistics, but we don't expect you to...

We don’t assume anything. We find out early on, if our clients have tech knowledge. While statistics speak is second nature to us, we recognize that it will seem strange – and a bit intimidating – to the non-technical audience.

We avoid trying to do too much. It is important that we remain realistic about how far we should take you. If necessary, we keep in contact to plan a strategy for how information will unfold.

We make every effort to relay you story in your industry speak.  Our objective is to convey the information in such a way that it helps you reach your objectives. We usually request to speak to your subject matter experts so that we can use many of the terms they you may use in your industry so that you are more comfortable with the information being presented.

We are available to you. When you hire Savvy to help with the statistical aspects of your business, dissertation, or other data analysis, we are readily available by email, messenger, phone, or video chat to answer any questions you have about your projects. We are very patient and take the time to fully explain all results to you so that you are completely comfortable with your data story.


We work with your deadlines. Statistical considerations for your business do not have to hold up your progress. Many clients are quite surprised when they find out how quickly we can collaborate and coach them to become confident in retelling their data story to management and stakeholders.


4 Types of Business Capabilities

Gain the Competitive Edge

It's not about more's about going deeper...

Strategic Analytics

There are four types of analytics that companies can use to learn from and better engage with their customers. We are well-versed in all four types of analytics.


And it's as you increase skill levels, that one can really get the insights you need to drive your business forward.

More than 90% of companies today use very basic analytics - what we call "descriptive analytics." Less than 5% are utilizing the more advanced analytics!
  • Regular reporting services (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

  • Display, search, email and social media reports

  • Report consolidation from 3rd party ad serving tools, Google AdWord, Bing, Google Analytics and other client proprietary tools.

  • Reporting and dashboard automation

  • Excel/Access – VBA/Macros

  • Reporting template development

  • Business dashboard development using Excel and automated KPI management/alerts.

  • API integration with Google-DoubleClick Platforms, CRM, billing systems etc.

  • Development of reporting portals using PHP, MySQL and other open source technologies.

  • Desktop tool development using Microsoft and open source Technologies

  • ETL development for data gathering, cleansing and integration

  • Custom reports

  • Data warehousing and business intelligence (BI)

  • Advanced Analytics – Statistical Analysis and Modeling (EDA, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, Time Series Modeling, Conjoint Analysis, RFM Modeling, Forecasting, etc.)

  • Quantitative Research Analysis for your Doctoral Dissertation

  • Tools used – Base SAS, Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Graph, SAS STAT etc.



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